The Prâna products meet broadband applications such as EMC testing, instrumentation, radio-communication, University/research...


BCI applications

The BCI system is used to inject RF current into conductors and cables of electrical and electronic equipment undergoing susceptibility testing. It is designated to cover most of industrial or military standards. The system is composed of a Prâna Power Amplifier (DR, DP or DT series) and a Prâna IP-DR250 Bulk Current Injection Probe.


PRÂNA background into high power and broadband EMC in last 15 years brings products to high reliability. The BCI system is compatible with any automatic test environment thanks to additional measurement and communication features. The up to date and modern concept of the BCI system perform permanent internal signal levels monitoring and allow local or remote full diagnostic capability.


Download the following files:

IP-DR250 + DR110

IP-DR250 + DR220

IP-DR250 + DR400

IP-DR250 + DT150



Link to the EMC gateway


The Prâna Team is dynamic and innovative. We are flexible in our design approach and implementations, and our willingness to listen allows us to understand your needs.








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