Thanks to the modular design inherent to every Prâna amplifier, we can customize and upgrade our amplifiers to your specific requirements and applications.


Modular design:

Prâna amplifiers are designed with modularity : power modules, combiners, and power supplies are all modular and can be customized to your specific needs and applications.

This emphasis on modularity is what allows us to meet the unique requirements and needs for our customers.

Example of the MT2000 (80-1000 MHz / 2000 W) modular design:



Customized solutions

Prâna can propose customized solutions depending on customer needs: cabinet size, connector types, rack integration…

Prâna manufactures its own internal cables and switching matrices.

Example of the 38U cabinet below: 10 kHz - 3.2 GHz



Upgrade amplifiers

Prâna can upgrade the output power over the operational frequency range of most of its amplifiers.

Example of the upgrade below: MT700 => MT1400


Four available versions and a multitude of options

2U and 4U amplifiers are available in four (4) versions:

  • - S:   standard
  • - D:   with display, digital control, IEEE 488 GPIB Communication
  • - SC: standard with integrated coupler
  • - DC: D version with integrated coupler and display of instantaneous  power

7U and 8U amplifiers are available in two (2) versions:

  • - D:   with display, digital control, IEEE 488 GPIB Communication
  • - DC: D version with integrated coupler and display of instantaneous  power

18U and larger than 18U amplifiers are only available in DC version .

A multitude of options may be available to meet the requirements of our customers

  • - Forward and reflected self limiting
  • - Variable gain
  • - Variable attenuator
  • - Hard interlock
  • - RS232 interface
  • - 0 dBm maximum input power


The Prâna Team is dynamic and innovative. We are flexible in our design approach and implementations, and our willingness to listen allows us to understand your needs.








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Téléphone : (+33) 555 86 49 40
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