Prâna amplifiers are designed for minimal maintenance and warrantied 3 years.

After sales service

Minimal maintenance

Due to the modular design, the amplifier proposes a minimal maintenance:

=> Easy acces to all parts to the technician

=> Rapid diagnostic thanks to the Prana maintenance software (see below)

=> Repairs with minimum adjustments

The target is to reduce at the maximum the downtime of the amplifiers


Worldwide maintenance

In each region of the world, Prâna proposes the best solution to repair a potential defected amplifier.

- Fast intervention of a domestic technician

- Hotline between domestic technicians and Prâna technicians or engineers.

- If necessary, possible intervention of Prâna technician

- Possibility of spare part kit

- Repairing operations on customer site

- Possibility of warranty extensions (5 years)


Tool: Prâna maintenance software

Thanks to the Prâna maintenance software, the technician can read all the parameters of the amplifiers by the IEEE 488 communication and know easily what is the problem.

Known parameters:

- Ambient temperature 

- Temperatures inside each modules

- Voltage of the different power supplies.

- State (defected or not) of each transistors.

- For DC versions, the forward and the reverse powers.


The Prâna Team is dynamic and innovative. We are flexible in our design approach and implementations, and our willingness to listen allows us to understand your needs.








6 Rue Pierre Milon
19100 Brive-la-Gaillarde
Téléphone : (+33) 555 86 49 40
Fax : (+33) 555 86 49 45

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